11 Purse Essentials

Hand sanitizer: There isn’t one situation I can think of where hand sanitizer wouldn’t come to good use. From cleaning the handle on the grocery cart to coughing into my hands, it’s great to have a bottle of this at the ready.

Hair accessories: Ponytail holders and bobby pins — sure, they might migrate to the bottom of your purse and stay there, but at least you’ll have them when you need them most.

Ibuprofen: Headaches put such a damper on the day. It took me a while, but I finally got a bottle just for my purse. Best investment yet.

Cash ($20): Always be prepared. I hate coming up to a toll booth and discovering that I don’t have cash on me, or finding out while in line that the store doesn’t accept credit cards. The possibilities are endless.

Breath mints or mint gum: Did you ever catch a conversation with your co-worker right after she ate a tuna salad for lunch? You’ll agree with me on this one, bad breath is a real turnoff.

Fresh wipes: Fresh wipes have saved me so many times. Great for sticky spills, and stains on your clothes that you didn’t notice before you left the house.

Makeup essentials: Concealer and lipstick are my two must-haves. These two will take you from drab to fab at any given moment.

Pen and notebook: I constantly find myself in situations where I’m frantically looking for a pen and a piece of paper, other than a napkin or the back of a receipt.

Sunglasses: Having the sun glaring right in my eyes is never fun, especially when driving. Sunglasses to the rescue!

Phone charger: Being stranded without a phone is never an option for me, or for any mom. Whether at the mall, at work or even a restaurant, having an extra charger in my purse has saved me many times.

Tiny perfume: For those times that you can use a little pick-me-up in the aroma department. Enough said.

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