27 Life Hacks You Didn’t Know About

  1. Want whiter teeth? Gently rub the inside of a banana peel around your teeth for two minutes; the minerals will absorb into your teeth and whiten them!
  1. Put your phone number on a beaded bracelet for your child, just in case he gets lost in public.
  1. Try baking cookies in a muffin tray. They’ll come out fluffier and won’t run into each other.
  1. Mount towel racks on the inside of a cupboard door and store pot lids there to save space.
  1. Make ‘unpoppable’ bubbles by mixing 6 cups water, 1 cup corn syrup, and 2 cups dish soap.
  1. Remove permanent marker from clothes with hand sanitizer.
  1. Want to prevent a mosquito bite from itching? Rub a glue stick on the affected area,  The itch will be gone in 15 minutes and won’t come back.
  1. Remove rainbow-like discoloration from the bottom of stainless steel pots, by pouring in some lemon juice and scrubbing gently.
  1. Tired of the pancake batter mess? Put pancake mix in an old ketchup bottle, and squeeze directly into the pan for a no-mess experience.
  1. Place old newspapers or magazines at the bottom of your garbage bag to absorb any liquids that get thrown into the trash.
  1. Cutting the tops off strawberries, but don’t want to waste any fruit? Insert a straw on the bottom and push up; the stem will come right out.
  1. Use a hair straightener to iron the collars of your shirt and for last-minute ironing touch-ups.
  1. Place toothpicks in a freshly-made cake and cover with Saran Wrap to avoid the icing getting ruined.
  1. Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning bottles and supplies, to save much-needed space and to keep them out of reach of children.
  2. When heating food in a microwave, space out a circle in the middle for even heating.
  1. Febreeze kills ants instantly on contact, and won’t leave your house smelling like chemicals.
  1. Light a stick of spaghetti in place of long matches- for shabbos candles, or igniting a gas burner.
  1. Don’t want to throw out wine that’s getting old? Pour it into an ice cube tray and use for cooking as needed.
  1. Make an ice pack by placing a saturated dish-washing sponge in a Ziploc bag and freezing.
  2. Want thicker, fuller eyelashes? Simply apply translucent powder to your lashes, between coats of mascara.
  1. Rub half a raw potato on the hot grill of a barbecue to prevent your food from sticking to it.
  1. Want your stainless steel sink to look good as new? Simply scrub it with a ball of silver foil, soap and water to remove grime, rust and discoloration.
  1. Take Vitamin B Complex during the summer to ward off mosquitoes and flies. Insects don’t like the way it makes you smell to them.
  1. To unclog a toilet without a plunger, pour in hot water and soap  let it sit for five minutes.
  1. Turn your toaster sideways to make grilled cheese.
  1. Keep plastic wrap on banana stems to keep them fresh over a week or longer. Cut bananas off as needed.
  1. Clean an old shampoo container and cut off some of the top. Place your cell phone, car keys and cash in it to keep it safe at the beach.

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