Apps Are Getting Us Fit Again

Getting fit is no longer a mystery and exercise no longer requires a pencil-and-paper record keeping. Technology has permeated all aspects of our lives. Why leave fitness out? A healthy fit life through a balanced diet and regular exercise is the recipe for happiness and the goal for most people. There are some individuals who can accomplish this healthy lifestyle all by themselves. Most of us, however, will need that extra push and guidance, whether it be from a personal trainer, instructor, workout partner, nutritional counselor, or a tracking system of how many calories we’ve eaten for the day or which muscle groups we have trained on a particular day.

Fitness and health-related apps are bringing results. Today there are hundreds of mobile apps covering all aspects of the health and fitness industry, and they are an ideal aid to achieving lifestyle changes and direction. They have made it simpler and easier to dedicate oneself to a fitness regimen. Our daily habits can be tracked, our workouts can be logged, our steps can be counted and our consumed calories accounted for. If you are a traveler for work or pleasure, short or standard impromptu visual workouts at any fitness level are easily accessible from your personal trainer app with or without equipment. Some apps are great tools that record your workouts and the status of your progress.

When I began to research fitness apps, the ones I found really interesting actually tapped into an individual’s competitive side. For instance, the distance that you ran or biked at a certain speed while competing with your imaginary technological fitness buddy. Others were the wagers placed on your goals of gym attendance, weight lost, or steps taken. If you reach your goal, you can actually earn a small chunk of change!

Rebecca Suggests:

Music Fitness App The music fitness apps are cool motivators. If you’re looking for the right music to accompany your workouts, this app provides music at different beats per minute, appropriate for all different workouts like running, biking, kickboxing, yoga etc.

Map My Run If you’re a runner, there’s an app that will use your smartphone GPS to give you information on where you could run to improve your pace at the mile mark you’re interested in.

Prenatal Workout Work out to safe and healthy routines designed for expecting moms.

Kickboxer Workout Whether you’re a newbie or novice, this app will give you the perfect kickboxing routine to help you lose weight and get in shape.

Weight Watchers Track what goes into your mouth with this easy-to-use app.

No matter what kind of push, challenge, or knowledge you need to accomplish your goals at any fitness level, there’s an app for it all. It’s 2016, and more and more people are realizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It has become easily accessible, affordable, and now, it can be done all by yourself. “The body achieves what the mind believes.” Get going, find your favorite app, and make yourself technologically fit!

Rebecca Blue is a certified personal trainer and the co-owner of Rounds Elite Fitness, a unique paleo fitness studio.

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