A Little Bit of Fashion (and a lot-a-bit how)

By: Esty Brogna

In the last issue I promised to tell you more about determining and dressing right for your type. So in this issue and the next, I’ll be covering the characteristics of each type. This might seem like a personality test — which it sort of is — but once I teach you how to apply it to fashion I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself wondering how you managed without this knowledge until now.

Because some people have learned to be another type as a result of their surroundings, some personality traits may not be true to your type. That’s why I included body language and facial expressions in how to figure out what type you are. Facial features are also a no-fail way to tell what type you are.

Type 1 — Air


If we were to describe air we would say it moves around a lot, it’s very random and it doesn’t really have a consistent way of moving. Well, lo and behold, Type 1 people are exactly like that. They tend to have a lot of energy and are very spontaneous. They’re that “bubbly” person, usually the life of the party and extremely spontaneous. Their personal space is usually messy, mostly because they don’t have a consistent routine, as they like to keep things unplanned.

They are very creative and have a lot of ideas — more ideas than they can follow through with and complete. Air types absolutely love thinking of ideas and planning the creation of their ideas but don’t necessarily appreciate the follow-up process as much. If you are often told that you are “cute” (no matter how old you are — my 50-something-year-old mother, who is Mrs. Type 1, still gets that all the time) you are most likely a Type 1. People in this category are very youthful and might be described with words such as random, buoyant, crisp, free, fresh, bright and upbeat. If I would describe Type 1 in shapes they would be hearts, circles, polka dots, stars, a curl pattern — anything that makes you think happy and bouncy.

Body language:

Type ones walk purposefully and with a bounce in their step. When they sit, they always fidget — they’ll tap their foot, play with a pen in their hands or shake their knee. If a Type 1 needs to sit still, they’ll rely on their vast imagination to take them places in their minds. They speak very animatedly and their voices are usually high-pitched — childlike even — and their intonations fluctuate a lot. Their doodles often include flowers, hearts, facial features and smiley faces. (FYI, my mother always draws a smiley face next to her signature, even when she signs legal documents.)

Facial features:

As was already mentioned, Type 1 people look very youthful. They usually look younger than they are and very “cute”. Their face shape is either round or heart shaped and they commonly have apple cheeks or dimples. Their eyes are round and their laugh lines tend to go upward. Their smiles are usually the shape of a half-circle. Even when they’re not smiling, the corners of their mouths turn up, making it look like they’re always smiling — part of why they give off such a happy energy.

Type 2 — Water

Think of a calmly flowing river — now think of that as a person. Very fluid, soft, downward flowing movement. Water types are the most feminine of all four types and tend to be very sensitive . They have a very soft aura about them and they love comfort and pleasure. They tend to be very caring, are big on relationships and absolutely love connecting with others. They are the detail queens of the four type — they gather details by asking questions. Some Type 2’s will even get overwhelmed by the thought of details because they get so involved with them. Their personal space is most of ten organized in piles — there is an order to those piles though, so don’t touch them. Water types are most often seen as elegant and can be described as soft, connected, subtle, relaxed, blended and comfortable. Shapes that describe them include the teardrop shape, an oval or a rectangle with with rounded edges, an S curve and a relaxed curl pattern — things that make you think of flowy connections.

Body language:

Comfort being key here, those who are Type 2 tend to have a flowy stride. They walk with their feet closer to the ground and are very light-footed. When sitting, they’re often draped in a chair. And it’s very important that they are — you guessed it — comfortable. They are very soft-spoken and are most gentle in speech and voice. When Type 2s doodle, they draw connected and S-shaped lines — connected hearts, script writing and figure eights.

Facial features:

Water types reflect their softened and blended qualities in their face and body. Their faces are usually oval-shaped and their cheeks come down and blend into their jaw. They tend to have very “dreamy” almond-shaped eyes. Their lips are often very similar to the color of their skin with a blended upper lip. Type two hands are very soft and youthful looking, with long fingers and oval nail beds.

And those are the first two types. If you don’t identify with these, not to worry! Next week I’ll be discussing Types 3 and 4.

Until then, stay beautiful!

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