Miracle Oil: Healing Through Dabs of Aroma

Skin Care


Mix a few drops of lavender (antimicrobial/antioxidant), clary sage (anti-inflammatory), or frankincense (antibacterial/anti-inflammatory) into a dime-size squeeze of moisturizer.

Make a homemade toner by mixing a few drops of tea tree (antibacterial/antimicrobial/antifungal) into 1/4 cup of aloe-vera gel.

Aging/Damaged Skin

Mix a few drops lavender (cell regenerative), myrrh (anti-inflammatory), patchouli (cell regenerative/antiseptic/antifungal/antibacterial) or rose (antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory) into a dime sized squeeze of moisturizer.

Diaper Rashes

In a spray bottle, mix tea tree oil (antibacterial) with water and unscented, natural baby soap.


Common Ailments

Common cold

Dab lemon (decongestant) or eucalyptus (expectorant/decongestant) on the temples and under the nose, place a few drops in a diffuser or humidifier.

Run garlic oil (decongestant) along drainage tubes behind the ear. Follow with peppermint oil (analgesic).

Rub eucalyptus (expectorant/decongestant) or peppermint (analgesic) into the chest.  

Ear Infections

Drop garlic (antibacterial) in the ear at onset.


Dab peppermint (anesthetic) or birch (anesthetic) on the temples and pain areas.


Rub peppermint (analgesic) onto stomach or ingest.


Drop clary sage (emmenagogue) or thyme (emmenagogue) into a bath.

Ingest evening primrose (emmenagogue).

Sore Throat

Dot the outside of your throat with tea tree (antibacterial) or gargle.

Mix garlic (antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral) with licorice root and golden seal, and ingest.


First Aid


Mix blue chamomile (anti-inflammatory) with lavender (cell regenerative) and ice. Apply to infected area with a washcloth.


Submerge in undiluted lavender (cell regenerative).

Insect Bites

Dab on lavender (anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial), patchouli (anti-inflammatory), or ginger (anti-inflammatory).

Sore Muscles

Massage peppermint (muscle relaxant) oil into skin.

Drop rosemary (circulatory stimulant) or lavender (relaxant) into bath.


Emotional Issues


Diffuse or ingest lavender (anxiolytic).

Drop rose (anxiolytic) or chamomile (sedative) into a bath.


Rub jasmine (antidepressant) into shoulders.


Drop a small amount of lavender (anxiolytic) on your pillow.

Diffuse bergamot (anxiolytic) or clary sage (sedative).

Memory or Focus

Dab rosemary (stimulant) or jasmine (stimulant) on temples and under the nose.


Diffuse lavender (sedative) or rosemary (energizing), or drop into a bath.


Home Management

Cleaning Solutions

Drop lavender (odor eliminator) into laundry.

Mix a few drops of lemon (antiviral) or tea tree (antibacterial) with ½ cup vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda, and 2 liters of water.  

Insect Repellent

In a spray bottle, mix lemongrass (repellent) or citronella (repellent) with water.


Rub rosemary (repellent) or tea tree (repellent) behind the ears.


Written by Nechama Elbaz

The Author