Must-Have Wig Accessories

Wig companies have gotten unbelievably out of the box and innovative to make shaitels look more natural, comfortable, and trendy. Wig accessories can aid the aspiring fashionistas to stay current and on trend while simultaneously heeding the mitzvah of hair covering. Below, I give you the lowdown of the most popular wig accessories on the market today.


Topknot Scrunchies (Sary Wigs)

What they are: Ponytail holders covered with hair used to create an effortless topknot.

Why they are a good accessory: Even ladies with two left hands will be able to create a chic and perfect-looking topknot. Best of all, if you do not want to ruin your wig’s style, or you have very thin hair, only a small amount of hair is needed, because it adds volume and density.

How to use them: Gather your wig into a half up ponytail on the crown of your head. Use the top knot scrunchie as a regular ponytail holder and make a half bun. Alternatively, use the top knot scrunchie with a short or thin sheitel to make a voluminous low bun.

What to look for: For the most natural results, it should be made of human hair, not synthetic; otherwise, it can get matted and won’t blend nicely into your wig.


Braided Headbands (Braidz By Chaya)

What they are: Headbands made of synthetic or human hair that come pre-braided so you can create various looks in seconds.

Why they are a good accessory: Braids have been seen on the runway for years now, and this trend does not seem to be fading any time soon. Having a ready-made braid at your fingertips allows you to experiment with different hairstyles, while not having to commit to a specific one until your next wash and set. Plus, if you haven’t quite mastered the fishtail braid, then you have an easy way to look boho chic with little effort.

How to use them: Besides the obvious use of regular headbands, these braids are a perfect excuse to bring out your creative side. Use one as a ponytail holder for a fun, braid-wrapped ‘tail, or have your sheitel macher incorporate it into a sophisticated, yet trendy updo. You can also go for the bohemian look and wear it as a headband, looping strands of your wig around the back to hide the elastic. The possibilities are endless.

What to look for: Most braided headbands are made of synthetic hair, so be sure to look out for extreme shininess that screams “fake.” Ideally, the braid should be as close to your wig color as possible. If you have a lot of highlights in your wig, it’s best to find a headband that matches your base color. Additionally, the headband should be a good fit (not too loose or tight), and adjustable.


Lace bands (The Wig Fairy)

What they are: Hair sewn into a piece of lace that is attached to a velour wig grip. A lace band can be worn with a wig or fall to give the illusion of hair growing out of your head, providing a natural look.

Why they are a good accessory: A lace band is, in my opinion, one of the most ingenious inventions regarding wigs. Unfortunately, a lot of women are not happy with the front of their wig, and it can be quite costly to repair it. A lace band is a quick fix that blends into any wig and fall. Because each hair is sewn in individually, the lace band is multidirectional, and can be worn pulled back or parted. The band can also be a better investment than adding in a lace front to a not-so-natural front, because it can be used with multiple wigs.

How to use them: A lace band can be worn just teased with the front layers of a wig, or can even be braided or twisted with a full bang wig! Turn a fall into a full wig with a lace band, or wear it plain with a beanie.

What to look for: The lace band can look flawless and unbelievably natural if it is made correctly. The lace should ideally be good quality; it should have an almost light brown tinge and very small holes. The knots of the hair should be tiny, and you should not see any threads. The hair should be sewn in a way that is not “perfect,” mimicking a natural hairline. The lace as well should be cut to suit each person’s hairline. For example, if one has a widow’s peak, it’s ideal that her lace band be cut in the same way.


Adorna velcro extensions (Milano)

What they are: Interchangeable hat and hair systems. Hair extensions of various lengths and styles are available to attach to hats of the same brand with velcro strips, providing a lightweight and comfortable alternative to wig wearing.

Why they are a good accessory: Whether it be the full extensions or the ponytail extensions, Adornas are a great juxtaposition of comfort and style. Attaching them to the inside of the hats reduces the extra bulk that one may get from wearing a fall or full wig under a hat. Plus, these hats are super cute, and can be worn without the extensions as well.

How to use them: Treat the extensions like you would your hair for the most natural look. Braid them, curl them, swing them into a ponytail. Just have fun!

What to look for: Similar to when purchasing a wig, look out for unusual knotting when examining extensions before buying. When picking out your color, inquire as to whether the company prefers highlighting a darker piece, or lowlighting a lighter piece.


Written by Heila Kirzner

Heila Kirzner owns a full service wig parlour called The Salon. She is passionate about making women feel and look beautiful and confident while simultaneously keeping an important mitzvah. Keep up with her and all the latest wig and hair trends on Instagram @thesalon.heila

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