The Newest Fitness Fad

Do you remember when Spin class first became the coolest, most innovative fitness trend? Well, move on over. Walk, maybe even run, past the ellipticals and treadmills directly to the slick rowing machine that was once collecting dust in the corner of your local gym, but now takes center space.

The Indoor Rower rocks! There is no doubt about it; no other piece of cardio equipment works the body harder.

Rowing requires equal effort from the upper and lower body, and it uses more than 80% of your muscles in every stroke. It crushes calories through extreme cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, blasting out repetition after repetition. Using these rowers, you will advance to the next level of fitness and your physique will be in tip-top shape.


Rowing works the body from shoulders to calves. Proper form is essential for the full-body cardio experience which works core, back, arms and legs with no impact or stress at all on the major muscles and joints, such as our hips, knees, and back. This new wave of cardio exercise is so appealing, because it’s ideal for people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. The explosive power exerted through your legs, core, and arms, is sure to burn over 50% more fat and calories than most other forms of cardio exercise do.

The nation is exploding with more and more Rowing studios that offer unique Rowing-based classes, where you’re on and off the Rower, incorporating intervals of strength and core exercises that are exciting and effective. The different Rowing strokes taught in these classes also make a more interesting workout. These classes and studios are now surpassing many of the Spin studios, and clients are showing great results. If you exercise regimentally at home or in a gym, and have no interest in group fitness classes, try a training schedule on your own. Rowing at different intervals will keep the heart rate elevated and burn burn burn.

Rebecca Blue is a certified personal trainer and the co-owner of Rounds Elite Fitness, a unique paleo fitness studio.

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